1. The job is very simple; open an image file and Ms-word file. Now how to view both files simultaneously is very simple as shown below fig. on the task bar make a right click and you will see some options there click ‘Tiles windows Horizontally’, by doing this both windows will be opened together and easy for you to type while seeing.

After clicking both windows will open as shown below.

  1. Before typing do the below settings.
    1. Font name: Arial
    2. Font size: 12 or 11
    3. Alignment: Justify

Required parameters: Wherever, applicable, do bold, italic. Check full stops and commas, if it’s not clear whether its full stop or comma, leave it blank. In case you find any equation, table, symbols, special characters which is not possible to type from your side just leave a blank space.

  1. You have to make separate word file for separate image files. As in this sample files a total of 10 image files are there so you have to make 10 separate word files.
  2. After completing one word file, save it with the same name as that of image file. For ex. After typing sample 1 image file, save the word file with name sample 1 only. All Ms-word should be saved in .doc format only. We don’t accept notepad, WordPad, rtf format etc.
  3. After completing all the image files, zip all the 10 word files together and mail it to our secure email address which you will get after taking regular job.
  4. Remember you don’t have to send demo files to us. We don’t check samples files and reports will be sent for this, it’s just for you to know how exactly original work will look and how you have to work.
  5. If you don’t know how to zip files. Read this; first download winzip software on your pc. After downloading whatever files you have to zip select them and right click over them and click the sub menu ‘add zip file’ give a name to the zip file and see you zip file is done. See the below image.


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