1. What is Online Data Entry Jobs? 

    Daily you have to do simple Data Typing Work for different companies on our server. Daily work files of more than 50 companies will be placed in our Member's Server Area. The files will be arranged randomly to work for each companies. Each files will be linked with each company code File no.

  2. Is there any skill required to work? 

    Yes, basic skills like typing on computer. Computer knowledge of opening internet pages and surfing internet that's all.

  3. How to do Online Data Entry work on Website? 

    It's very simple & time saving, you can start the work at any of your spare/convenient time daily within 24hrs. After getting registered with our Server Companies, online data entry job will be activated for you in my account section which you can access by logging using your username and password. You will get activation email from our end with your username, password..

  4. What will be the exact format of the work? 

    The format is very simple, image [.jpeg files] to digital online typing in text box.

  5. How to do the work & How to submit the same online? 

    After entering into Member's Area using your username & Password, you'll see the instruction page & start work button to get connected to the file server of more than 50 companies. At first you should read the instructions carefully so as not to make any mistake while working. After clicking the start button you will get connected to the companies server within 1 minute.

  6. How I'm going to know whether my work has been accepted or not? 
    After clicking the submit button if everything is ok you'll see the sentence "Thanks for submitting the work. Click here to do next Assignment". means you have submitted a Valid Assignment. Valid doesn't mean that file submitted by you is having 100% accuracy, it only means that you have done one assignment. If any error is there, you'll get an error note & to resubmit the work.

  7. How much Assignments can I do daily, What will be the work load? 

    Dear customer as this is a Part time work, but if you are interested you can do it as full time also. So here we made 3 different work options, you can either work as a "Beginner Typist", "Professional Typist" or as a "Corporate Package". Daily you can do a Maximum of 50-200 Assignments as per the plan, but a good thing is that there is no limit for minimum Assignments. This means you can submit a minimum of "0" to Maximum of "200" Assignments. For example, today you did 5 files, tomorrow 0 files, everything will be counted. Each Assignment will contain 4 to 6 lines only. To know more about different work options

  8. How much time do I get to complete each Assignment? 

    Best thing is there is no time limit. As we mentioned companies are more concerned with accuracy & quality of the completed work. So here there is no time limit. But within 24hrs Daily you have to complete a minimum of any no. of Assignments & Maximum you can complete 50-100 Assignments as per the plan. You can take as much time as want to complete a single assignment. At the end of the day, whatever assignments were completed will be counted and will be sent for further checking to our dept.

  9. What if I complete less than 50 Assignments Daily? 

    As mentioned in the earlier points, even if you submit 1 files daily it will be counted, but maximum you can submit (50 as a Beginner Typist), (85 as a Professional Typist) & (100 under Corporate Package). But by the end of the month that is after period of 1 month or days, overall files completed by you should be like this:

    As a Beginner Typist: Min. 300 & Max. 1500 Assignments you've submit every month in order to get paid. 

    As a Professional Typist: Min. 300 & Max.2500 Assignments you've submit every month in order to get paid.

    As a Corporate Package: Min. 300 & Max.3000 Assignments you've submit every month in order to get paid.

  10. What if I complete more than daily maximum Assignments limit allowed? 

    There is no need to do any extra effort because once you complete your daily maximum assignment submission quota as per the plan, futher assignment submissions won't be counted & same will be automatically deleted from the server.

  11. Do I've to submit work all at once or can I do in different times in a day? 

    Daily you can enter the members area any no. of times, so that you won't be tired & can complete the work in different time & in parts. 

    Will there be any problem with different IP Address as I'm doing half of the work from home and rest from office? 

    No, there won't be any problem, you can submit the work from any place. But make sure you are not re-distributing your work to others. Our server can easily detect if the same job is done by many people. So whether you work from home or office it doesn't matter.

  12. After submitting the Assignments what will be the role of workathome-live.com? 

    As soon as you submit the work immediately you will get the receipt & copy of the submitted work to your E-mail Address, so that later on you can cross check your mistake if any.

  13. What will be the working hours? 

    Daily working hours 24hrs. [Starts from 12 Mid night]. Working Days from Monday to Sunday. 24hrs. You've to follow the timings of your country.

  14. How the Accuracy is calculated? 

    Minimum Accuracy required to get payment for a valid Assignment is 98%. If accuracy is less than 98% than no payment for that assignment will be made. Assignments having more than 2 mistakes will not be accepted.

  15. In every Assignment What type of mistakes/errors will be counted? 

    Normally errors like spelling mistakes, commas(,), full stops (.) will be counted. An assignment will also be rejected if you write wrong Id no., wrong file no., wrong email address. 

  16. In case we find some symbols, degree and special characters which is not possible to type using keyboard, what should we do? 

    In such case you have to type 3 times # key, instead of that symbol/degree or special character. These things will not be counted as a mistake. However, we'll be providing you a Rich Text Editor using same you can type even difficult symbols and characters. Check demo for this.

  17. After submitting the work If I feel that I made some mistakes in it can I resubmit the same? 

    No. Once you submit the work its very difficult to re-launch the same file, because that file will be blocked from reviewing.

  18. When I'm going to get my payment after completing the given work. 

    Now payments are made instantly every hours & real time generation in your account.. Your account will be linked to our online server, as soon as you complete the job work, earnings will be accumulated in your online account. Daily you can check your earnings. Every month between 7th-15th, you'll be paid, we will intimate you through email about your payout.

  19. If I worked for the first month & for some reason I like to take leave for few days is it possible? 

    We are not concerned with how many days or hours you work. We are concerned with the minimum no. of job work you do. However, now in our instant payout scheme you are paid instantly after completion of your job work. But you withdraw the money only when you have done the minimum no. of required job work in a month..

  20. For every valid Assignment, How much do I get Paid? 

    Payment totally depends upon what accuracy you give. Atleast you have to give a Minimum accuracy of 98% for any type of payment.

  21. Do I have to pay any tax for my income or will workathome-live.com going to deduct any tax from my total monthly Income? 

    We won't be deducting any type of taxes from your payment & we are not concerned about any taxes which may implement on you, with respect to your country. You've to consult with your C.A. or accountant regarding this.

  22. What will be the mode of payment? How long will it take to receive my payment? 

    Now payments are reflected instantly every hour in your my account. Daily earnings will be accumulated in your Account. Every month between 7th - 15th, you'll be paid your earnings, we will intimate you through email about your payout details. You'll be paid as per the payout mode you selected during registration, you can change the payout mode anytime in my account section.

  23. Will I get the chance to see my checking report to know where I made mistakes & why Assignment is disqualified? 

    Yes. After the months work within 15 working days you will get the list of files & what mistakes you made in it so that you can cross check it with the copy of Assignment you get to your email after every successful Valid Assignment. Detailed checking report you will get on your E-mail Address only. Assignment normally gets disqualified when it is incomplete or when you make more than 2 mistakes in it.

  24. What will be the contract period of Work? 

    It's a 12 month Contract with the companies, you just have to be consistent with your accuracy.

  25. Will I'm going to get work continuously every month? 

    As 90% of the work comes from European & Gulf countries, & rest 10% comes from US & Australia. As we mentioned these companies are more concerned with the quality, accuracy & punctuality of the work. As Online-Home-Jobs.com deals with these companies we have been given special target of work to be completed in a specified month. These conditions are with us only, we have to maintain our work reputation with these companies in order to have a regular supply of work on our servers. If we are not satisfying there requirements in time than these companies will not going to supply further work to us. So in order to have a regular supply of work & to keep a good reputation in outsourcing market, for every worker some working criteria has been kept. Because we too want candidates who give us better Accuracy with more submission of Assignments that too in time. 

    [1] If any Data Entry Operator violates any of the terms & conditions of workathome-live.com than his/her account will be terminated. 

    [2] If operator is re-distributing work to other people his/her account will be terminated.

  26. Can I distribute the work to my friends, colleagues or relatives & get completed through them? 

    No sorry, as redistribution of work is not allowed. The work should be completed by a person who is filling the registration form & signing Contract papers. Redistribution of work is not allowed because its against the policy of company. Redistribution can lead to further selling of work to other parties at different rates which will be misleading to people and spoiling the name of company. So as to avoid any of such things, we are having Hi-tech servers which can easily detect if the work is submitted by more than 1 person.

  27. How many Accounts can I open with the companies? 

    You can open 10 no. of accounts in your name. If you want more than 10 accounts than contact us using our contact us page.

  28. If I'm having any problem to whom I should consult? 

    We have our Live customer care support from morning 10 A.M to Evening 6 P.M IST [Monday-Friday]. Our customer care executives will solve all your problems.

  29. From where these data entry work comes and who exactly do the checking of our files ? 

    The data entry job work files is uploaded on our server by different outsourcing companies across world wide.We have our Data Entry Office in London, UK. The work files are loaded on the server from there only. Checking of the completed work is done from London Office only.  

  30. Why workathome-live.com is charging registration fees? 

    We charge registration fees as our service charge & other administrative charges. Today if you search on internet regarding data entry jobs, you will get millions of results but all fake. Every website will assure you about data entry jobs, but after you join them either they give some products whose marketing you have to do or any ad words or click bank program. Companies who offer data entry jobs never publish the details over internet. It's on contract basis with professional outsourcing companies (like ours in London, UK), who intake these works & submit the same work in time. Now Our London Data Entry Office distribute the works among you the customers. As we provide you the real, genuine data typing work we charge a small amount in the form or registration fees. Instead if you search over internet and spending thousands of money & time Join directly through workathome-live.com.


  31. After paying registration fees, do I have to search or contact these companies for work? 

    No. Once you pay the registration fees, within 24hrs-48hrs(Maximum) your job work will be activated for you in my account section, which you can find under premium jobs category. We are not like others who after taking registration fees gives you contacts of different companies for further job search. Our service is very Professional & Prompt. You get exactly what you see in the Demo work.


  32. How can I trust your website, because already I have been cheated & scammed by many fake data entry websites? 

    This is a very likely questions asked by every customer. Ofcourse everyone will say good about their service. Regarding our company its almost more than 10 years started & having more than 1 million successful customers in all of our Business products & programs. We can only say that we provide a very genuine job to all jobseekers across world wide. We always welcome customer to our office or over phone to clear all their doubts before they join us. Also you can contact our London office over phone or personally if possible. Our Site has been awarded as the best home job site and most visited site in Home Job category. 


  33. Ok, that's fine & now I'm ready to do this Online Data Typing work, what's the procedure? 

    Good, believe us you took the right decision. To get started first you have to select any of the 3 work plans to get registered with these companies on our online server by paying a Non Refundable Registration Fees

    This Registration fees is one time and non-refundable, which includes your daily account maintenance, connection with online server of company, daily uploading of your work files & for preparation of monthly Accuracy report. The amount is totally non refundable & non transferable to any other business program or product/services of workathome-live.com. After receiving the registration fees, within 24-48hrs job work will be activated in my account section under premium jobs. Your will also get activation mail, Make sure you check your bulk/junk/spam mailbox for our emails.