1. What is Twitter?

    Twitter is a free online social networking site, wherein millions of people across worldwide share their ideas, views and promote their services and products. You can also create your own connections and follow others or let others follow what you say.  

  2. Is there any age limit and any skills required? 

    There is no age limit to get started in this profitable Tweet n Earn Job. You should have basic knowledge of surfing internet that's it.  

  3. How do get started with this profitable tweetn n Earn job work?

    To get started first register with us. Once registered, just login to My Account Section. Here you'll get all the instructions to start the work other tools  

  4. Daily how many tweets I've to do? 

    Daily you can do any no. of tweets there is no limit. More tweets more earning.   

  5. Who will provide me the contents for tweets? 

    We will provide with all the contents which you've to tweet at www.twitter.com.  

  6. Can I use any software for doing tweets? 

    Yes you can use any software.  

  7. Can I use auto tweet websites for doing tweets? 

    yes you can use those websites, however we will be providing with list of good auto tweet websites.  

  8. How Auto Tweet Websites work? 

    All you've to do is register on these auto tweet websites. At first create all you tweets there and set auto schedule for tweets. If you set daily 6 a.m., that all you tweets will automatically be posted on twitter at 6 a.m.   

  9. Will my auto tweets be counted as unique tweets? 

    Yes each tweet will be counted as unique one and you'll be paid for the same.  

  10. How will you know how many tweets I've done?

    In My Account Section, you'll be registering your twitter username - which will show us the total no. of tweets you did.   

  11. How much I'll be paid for doing tweets at www.twitter.com? 

    For every 10 tweets from your end, you will be paid Rs. 30. Doing 10 tweets will hardly going to take 15 seconds.   

  12. In a month what's the maximum amount I can earn through this program? 

    There is no limit on the no. of earnings. As you can do unlimited no. of tweets daily. However lets say forexample.

    On the first day you posted around 200 Tweets means Rs.600. 

    Now if set Auto tweets on around 5 websites, which means on the next day total tweets will be 200x5=1000 tweets and earnings will be Rs. 3000,  for zero work from your end on the second day.

    Likewise daily Rs.3000 will be generated for you without any work.So by end of the month total earnings will be like this - 

    First day total tweets = 200 - Earnings Rs.600

    Next 29 Days with the help of 5 Auto Tweet Websites, total posting will be 200 x 29 days = 5800 and earning will be Rs.17400. 

    Total Earnings will be Rs.600 + Rs.17400 = Rs.18000/- 

    Now suppose, if daily you are doing 500 tweets and daily submitting the same in Auto Tweet websites your earning will be mindblowing. There are tons of auto tweet websites and free softwares available on internet.   

  13. Will I be paid if I get any followers? 

    Yes, getting followers is a very good thing. For each followers to your account you'll be paid Rs.5/- extra.   

  14. Can I create multiple accounts in twitter? 

    Yes you can create, but better follow their rules and regulations regarding multiple accounts.   

  15. When I'll be paid my total monthly earnings?

    Every month on 15th, you'll be paid previous months earnings (Between 1st to 30th).   

  16. In which mode I'll be paid? 

    You'll be paid as per the payment mode you selected during registration. However at any time you can change the payout mode.   

  17. Is there any registration fees to get started?

    Yes to get started, you need to pay a registration fees as given in work plan and payout structure. On receipt of payment, Twitter Job will be activated in your My Account Section. It will take 24-48hrs to activate the account.